Saturday, 31 March 2012

{Things I'm Loving Right Now}

Here's a very short post on some of the things I'm loving right now....

I am majorly loving the recent sunshine... problems somehow seem a lot better when the sun is shining. I was out in the garden with my son & daughter yesterday. Toddler & I planted some herbs in a trough... we'll have to wait and see if they survive! I'm not great with indoor plants but here's hoping I can get to grips with the garden!

I bought some Amy Butler fabric a wee while ago which I had planned to make into a dress for my daughter's first birthday party (next month!), but I'm fast running out of time. I'm sure I'll make it eventually... All the Amy Butler fabric is so gorgeous.

My new favourite flower... what's not to love.

Don't need to say much on this apart from my friends have been amazing... I love you all :-)


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