Tuesday, 27 March 2012

{Fabulous Finds: Easter}

I had thought I would make something with (who am I kidding, I'll end up making it myself!) the kiddies for them to give to their little friends at nursery, however, I've kind of left it a little late! Plan is to make something simple this weekend and we'll hand it in next week. Here are some of the fabulous ideas that I've come across on Pinterest...

Toddler loves to bake... just not sure how I'd make the grass!? I might just do green icing in a swirl. {image source}

This is a cute idea - mini marshmallows as bunny tails! {image source}

Some Bunnies Love You cards - maybe for granny & grandpa {image source}

Bunny gift bags {image source}

Easter chick boxes {image source}

Carrot favours filled with sweets {image source}

Bunny Bait {image source}

Bunny gift boxes {image source}

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  1. Adding Bunny gift boxed to my list of crafts at The Baby House


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