Thursday, 29 March 2012

{35 at 35: Perfect Nails, Check!}

I'm very pleased with myself as I've managed to tick another item off my 35 at 35 list, more specifically, this time it's #7 'practice painting my nails and keep them looking nice for at least a month'.

I've been practicing lots (& lots!) and I think I have perfected my technique... I've had fab looking nails (in my opinion of course!) for well over a month now.

My tip is to buy a good nail polish. I've been using the brand O.P.I and I definitely think it's made a big difference compared to the cheaper nail polishes I've used previously. My colours of choice have been a bright coral colour with a touch of shimmer, called 'Are We There Yet?' and a dark grey, called 'In The Expresso Lane'. I also have an O.P.I clear topcoat.

New ring from Wallis :-)

So that's 3 items ticked off the list... just another 32 to go!

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  1. Go you! My own nails are currently sitting in shame and I am thinking this may be something I should try and do too (I too love the O.P.I brand).


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