Friday, 10 February 2012

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This is a post for Kate on Thin Ice's Grooving Mums blog hop...

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Like my good friend Becky, I do love to read. However with the kiddies, being back at work, my DIY efforts, running etc I rarely have time to finish a book (I will get around to reading the huge pile you let me borrow Becky... may just take me a while!). My favourite genre would have to be a tear-inducing autobiography or on the total opposite end of the scale - some chick lit!

I think you can learn a lot about a person by the book's they choose to read. Thankfully the checkout assistant at Waterstone's didn't comment when I purchased all of these (I may have burst into tears if she had!)... I'm not normally one for venturing into the self help aisle, but I thought I might get some words of wisdom from these novels:

'Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know' by Barbara de Angelis (a recommendation by Catherine, @theroomset over at Making It As Mum). I'm only on page 20, but I already love it.

'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert

'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay (a recommendation by Kelly Menzies, Healing Mum)

'Just Get On With It' by Ali Campbell - the tagline for this book says it is a 'caring, compassionate kick up the ass!' Just what I need.

Lonely Planet's The Kindness of Strangers

I've also signed up for a Psychologies subscription using my Tesco clubcard vouchers.

What are you reading right now?



  1. You will take what you need from each of them or pass them onto the rest of us lol.
    The fact that you want to help yourself has to be positive. Happy reading.

  2. i agree with kateonthinice, each book will bring something positive to you or something to reflect on. psychologies is WONDERFUL by the way - great bite size bits to think over and gentle kicks up the bum! i look forward to hearing your "learning points", your gentle tips...

  3. I am going to go over to Amazon now and try and take a sneaky peak into 'Secrets about life every woman should know'. I don't know them! I feel like I'm missing out! Hopefully you will tell me when you're finished though. A nice time of year to be tucked up snug and warm under the duvet with a book :0)

  4. I'm still only on page 20 of the book... must try to make some more time to relax and read instead of running about like a woman possessed with my paintbrush!!


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