Thursday, 26 January 2012

{Fresh Start}

Yes, it's definitely time for a fresh start Kate! Here's my Grooving Mums update for the week...

I was back at work this week and it actually went rather well. My in-laws took the children on Sunday night so on Monday morning I was free to get ready for work in peace & quiet. Tuesday was a different story, but I managed to get both kiddies organised and off to nursery and was in work for 8.30am! I even managed to put some meatballs and sauce into the slow cooker before I left!! How's that for Supermum, lol! (The meatballs were pre-made from the supermarket and the sauce was from a jar... but it was still nice to come home to a meal that was warm & ready to be eaten! The toddler was not impressed with it though and refused to eat them...nightmare!).

I didn't make it to my Pilates class last night due to lack of childcare but I'll just need to make sure I'm more organised for the future. I did go for a run on Sunday though (5 miles!) and I've got a session with my personal trainer this week too.

I've been doing some more painting and decorating at my house which I'm really enjoying. I'm finding it therapeutic. I've just painted my vestibule and I'll post some pictures when it's complete. It's amazing what a lick of paint can do!

And here are Kate's challenges for this week:

1. Body -  This week, there is a campaign about eating a healthy breakfast for 5 days. Give it a go and tell us how it goes.
My typical breakfast is muesli, and I do love it (Jordan's Nut & Seed if you're interested!). Now that I'm back at work though I'm finding that I'm grabbing something quick that I can then eat at my desk. However yesterday I picked up a porridge and hot chocolate from the cafeteria - it was yum! Porridge was healthy-ish (it was strawberry & cream flavour...prob not healthy at all!) and the hot chocolate most certainly was not healthy! I am going to be more organised next week and have healthy breakfasts again.
2. Mind – It is Chinese New Year and I have just opened my fortune cookie.  What I want you to think and/or blog about is if you had a guarantee that the fortune in your cookie would come true in the next 12 months, what would you want it to say?  You can do something down to earth, humorous or something obscure and Confuscious like.  It is entirely up to you.
I love Pinterest for finding quotes, inspiration and words of wisdom, so from my 'Words' board here is what would be in my fortune cookie...
"If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place"
3. Spirit – Sticking with the Chinese New Year, what animal are you?  If you don’t know, look it up for fun.  Does the description of the animal you are ring true?  Which animal would you like to be and why? You can find all the information you need here
My Chinese Zodiac Sign is The Dog.
"While the Dog can be loyal, moralistic and affectionate, the negative aspects of the Dog's personality can be described as judgmental, cynical, quarrelsome and fretful."

Not sure if that rings true or not... I think I can relate to the positive characteristics but I wouldn't say I was judgmental and quarrelsome.

I think I'm more like The Pig... whose personality characteristics are patience, loyalty, sincerity, thoughtfulness and intellegence and negative traits being gullibility, materialism and naivete. Which is funny considering I also picked out Piglet from the Winnie the Pooh characters!! 

4. Blogging – Have you heard the wonderful and rather exciting news?  What do you mean “Yes, I have as Kate just won’t stop going on about it!”   I am now a member of the Britmums team with a great initiative that will make a real difference too.   Read all about it by clicking here.
Your blogging challenge this week is to join Britmums if you have not yet done so and then join the Charity Connections – Blogging It Forward group on there.  Don’t just join but get involved in some of the already fascinating discussions taking place on there.  Have your say at Britmums.
Very proud of your new role Kate - such great news, and yes... you have mentioned it a number of times now! I think I might be a member of Britmums but I'll double check and sign up if I"m not.
5.  Special Days – As I have already mentioned special days in this post, my challenge to you is to make one day this week really special. How you do that is up to you.  Will it be a day out?  Some one-on-one time with your partner?  You decide.
My dad's wife is coming to visit me this week and she's very kindly offered to show me how to make a dress for my daughter as she is a seamstress. She made some amazing quilts for my children - I'll take photos and post them soon. I think that will be my special day - I'll be able to properly check off the first of my 35 at 35 list.
6. The Big Question – This challenge is the one that is aimed at making you think deeply.  Of course, the big questions come to me in all sorts of ways. This one came whilst watching Dancing On Ice on the telly because I am a very deep philosopher lol.  Take it in whatever way you see fit.  Let it mean what it means to you as an individual.  So the question is, have you lost that loving feeling?  Whether that is for yourself, your partner, your child, your job or whatever.  Reflect on it in a way that is meaningful to you.
Yes, I've lost that loving feeling.... everything has been a bit crap and I need to learn to love myself again. At the moment my favourite place is tucked up in my new bed watching ER! Preferably with a hot cup of tea!! I guess that's maybe me avoiding people and places though.
Here are some of my positive thoughts from my Pinterest words board... 

So, until next week.... keep on grooving!


  1. Great to see you making a fresh start, sometimes the normality of routine (like going back to work) can really help to get things straight in your mind. I love your fortune answer, I'm on Pintrest, never thought of looking at inspirational / positive sayings on there, time for a new board me thinks!

  2. Apparently, people coming out of relationships often paint the house. I know it must be harder than you let on sometimes. Think of you most days.
    I loved your spirit answer and that weird connection between last week's answer and this week's. You are neither Piglet not a pig, you are a Babe!
    Glad your back to work was not too stressful. Not sure I could manage it these days. Oh and did I mention my new role? LOL

  3. So pleased to hear you sounding positive and your first days back at work went well. It's hard but you are getting there. You are an inspiration. Hugs x


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