Thursday, 10 November 2011

{Ooh! That's Pinteresting... Words}

I'm linking up again this week with Tina Gray for her "Ooh! That's Pinteresting" blog hop.

This week Tina has shared some images on the theme of 'hugs'. I thought I would share with you some quotes, words of wisdom, sayings & phrases that I've pinned to my 'Words' board.

This was one of my first pins...I then went on to lose 3 stone & dropped 3 dress sizes {image credit}

{image credit}

{image credit}

{image credit}

Yes please... {image credit}

Not long until I hit my thirties! {image credit}

Happiness {image credit}

Need to work on this one... I think sometimes I can be too nice {image credit}

Live your life... {image credit}

Ever since my mum died, I've kept reminding myself of this... {image credit}

Thought I'd end with an amusing one! {image credit}

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