Sunday, 27 November 2011

{Ooh! That's Pinteresting! Christmas Craft Ideas}

I'm joining up again this week with Tina Gray for her Ooh! That's Pinteresting blog hop.

I thought I'd share some of the crafty ideas for Christmas decorations that I've found and liked the look of. I'm hoping that one day soon I'll be able to join up with Blossom Heart and Mummy To Five to share something for their Pinterest Make Me Challenge!

 Aren't these paper flowers beautiful! Thinking I could make them in red for the Christmas table 

Another option for Christmas table decorations - napkin flowers

Love this wreath! {image source}

Perhaps with some festive paper for Christmas decoration? {image source}

For hanging Christmas cards? {image source}

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  2. Great pins! I love the heart garland. Too cute! Thanks for linking up :)

    (Had to delete the first comment. Made a typo. Can't stand typos. hehe)


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