Friday, 11 November 2011

{I do it on my desk...!!!}

Blog that is!

Bibsey has started a meme asking people to share where they blog, and I have been tagged by the lovely A Working Mum to join in.

If you want to join in, the more the merrier... You just have to:

  • Take a photo of your blogplatz just as it is right now (or tart it up if that sounds like fun)
  • Post a picture (with or without words) and link back to Bibsey's original post
  • Tag some other bloggers whose personal blogging habits are a source of great fascination to you, so that we may all know about them.
My hubby does a lot of work from home, so we're fortunate to have a home office in our house. I don't have a laptop so I do my blogging from our main home computer which you can see below. This was a gift from hubby - I'm a very lucky lady.

Our little office is rather boring... lots of Ikea shelves full of folders & books, the iron and ironing board are a permanent fixture (& only get used by the hubby to iron his work shirts... I don't iron anything - it just all gets folded and put away in the hope that it flattens itself out in the drawers!). The walls are currently bare apart from one small framed print of George Square, Glasgow.

So there you go... now I've shown you mine, it's time to show me yours... I've picked a few of the other #groovingmums, but no pressure to participate...


  1. That's a very neat and tidy office, with a very snazzy iron!

  2. It's a great iron - was a wedding gift! Hubby gets a little frustrated if place is untidy so I do my best to keep it organised!

  3. Oooo. I am loving the iMac and the fact that you don't iron. I don't iron. I don't even own and iron. Have I said too much?

  4. I like your desk. I thought it had a yellow top at first, but looking again, I think it's just the light shining on it. Anyway, got me thinking a desk with a yellow top would be a cool thing to own.
    Thanks for the tag. Think I will have to tidy up a bit first before I take a picture or hope I get a visit from the tidying up fairy...

  5. @Bibsey Mama - I'm glad I'm not the only one!! One of my friends used to use her iron to iron her hair rather than her clothes... pre hair-straighteners!

    @Mummy Plum - it does look yellow doesn't it! It's just a laminate wooden one from Ikea but yes a funky coloured desk would be cool! I always wake up hoping the tidying fairy will have sorted my house but it never happens!


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