Wednesday, 9 November 2011

{Fabulous Finds}

Every so often I come across amazing things to see, do or buy when I'm browsing the web, and I've decided to do a regular post to share my fabulous finds... Glasgow Mummy's fabulous finds! When I think of a better name I'll change it, as I feel like I'm sort of copying the name of a new favourite blog of mine, Florence Finds. If anyone has any other suggestions for names, then please let me know - I could use the help!

Bearing in mind that I recently went on a cupcake course, I thought I'd share some of the cute, quirky & different things I've found to do with cakes... (yum!!).

First up is Planet Bake. I've literally just found this website (yesterday, in fact!) and I love it! I've just placed an order for a number of their goodies.

I just love the cupcake boxes... I've ordered some of the Christmas ones (for my Christmas cupcakes I'm going to bake for the neighbours) and I couldn't resist the Patisserie shop ones too.

Christmas Cupcake Box (holds 4 cupcakes)

Patisserie Cupcake Box (holds 4 cupcakes)

There are also some gorgeous cupcake kits, and I particularly like the Pretty Pansies set (which I first spotted at Enid Reid Flowers in Glasgow when I was there for my recent flower workshop). The white picket fence made out of candle silhouettes is just too cute!

I bought this adorable truffle stand from Marie Brown At Home yesterday. It's going to look great on my Christmas dining table (I did have some chocolates to put on it for photographing, but I've eaten them already - whoops!) so I've just taken a quick pic with my phone camera. If you are wondering, the other two glass domes on the shelf are from Marie Brown too - I just haven't decided what to put in them yet! 

Another online company that I've ordered cake supplies from is the Cake Decorating Company. The items I've bought previously have been superb and everything is sent out so quickly - a great service. They have an amazing range of edible cake toppers and I particularly adore the cute baby vest toppers which would be lovely for a baby shower or christening.

Where do you get your baking supplies from and do you have any other companies that you can recommend?


  1. This has so brought a smile to my face...they are fairy cakes not cakes to me & always will

    I love baking cakes for the kids and decorating them in different themes, the latest being pumpkins for Halloween and 30 pirate cakes for a friends son for school.

    I'm still trying to source a decorating shop that's in a safe area, the supermarkets sell most things I need and I still have a uk supply of fancy cake cases.

  2. They are fairy cakes to me too! I'm not sure what the difference is between a fairy cake and a cupcake... the size maybe? So far my cakes have been basic but I love the idea of doing some fancier designs... pumpkins and pirates - wow!

  3. Very cute goodies here! I love the Christmas box.

    Thanks for stopping by today. It is so lovely to meet someone from so far away!

    Best wishes for a wonderful day,

  4. I use lots of different people online... check out Blue Door Bakery FB shop page...
    Also Purple Cupcakes...

    In Glasgow I use on Maryhill Road.

    Ali xx

  5. Thanks for the links.... will check them out. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :-)

  6. Those all look so fab! I am going to try and do a cake for my little ones birthday next month and need some inspiration, so this was a good find, thanks!

  7. I tend to use sugarcraft for my cake supplies but I've also now discovered a cake decorating shop in our new town that sells most things I need. I don't have the web address for sugarcraft I'm afraid as I'm on my phone. Those cake boxes are fab, I might order some and do some Christmas cupcakes from the boys for the teachers at Christmas x


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