Thursday, 24 November 2011

{Fabulous Finds: Baby & Toddler Gifts}

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would share some of my fabulous finds for gifts for the little ones.

I was shopping the other day, in person rather than on the net, and it just reinforced my love of online shopping... I just couldn't be bothered with finding a parking space, not finding the item you were looking for, the queues at the tills...bleugh!

Here's my lowdown on some gifts that I've recently bought or I'm planning on buying... they're all under £15.00.

I'm thinking of getting my son a kite for his Christmas. He recognises the letter 'k' already and says 'kite' and makes a whooshing noise - very cute! He loves the outdoors so something like this will be perfect I think for running about at the local park (it's always windy here!!).

I've bought a couple of these stamps for Christmas gifts and I'm going to team it with some bright coloured ink pads, some pencils and a book for a few of my children's cousins.

I've bought a lunch bag and matching water bottle for my daughter who is currently being weaned. This will allow me to carry around her purees, spoons etc when out on day trips. I'm hoping to ditch the baby changing bag soon, so it's my plan to have a lunch bag of snacks and essentials that can be thrown into my own handbag. Here are the ones I chose:

(she's obviously too young for the drinks bottle at the moment but I wanted to get a matching one whilst it was available!)

A good friend of mine recommended the Orchard Toy games, and when I spotted these in a toy shop whilst away for the weekend I stocked up on a few! I bought the shape snap game for my son's Christmas - he loves shapes. I also bought the Quack Quack game. I've just been having a look online at the Orchard Toys webpage and the range of educational games is fantastic. They are also offering free UK delivery on orders over £15!

I've bought a few of these fab popcorn bowls from Cox & Cox as Christmas gifts for some of the older kids we know. I thought they were quite quirky! They're a bit smaller than I anticipated, but I should have paid more attention to the dimensions on the website!!

Another fab gift I've bought is this finger printing art set. There are various themes, I chose the fairy tale theme. I think it makes a lovely gift and everything you need is packaged in a beautiful little tin.

I want to point out that I've just stumbled across the website The Pea's Knees and it's lovely...they also offer free UK postage!

Finger Printing Art Set from The Pea's Knees

My sister bought these magnetic letters and a magnetic easel for my son's birthday this year and he loves them. He already recognises a lot of the letters and we write messages on the easel for granny & grandpa or Auntie Ali when they visit!

This Fairy Cupcake Recipe Book by Think Pink is super cute and I've bought one for a friend's daughter who loves to bake. I also managed to find some scented pens in strawberry flavour from a local gift shop (to match the strawberry page marker in the recipe book) and I think it will make a perfect gift.

Another gift that I've bought in the past is a mouse in a matchbox. They are adorable and I know my son would love one as he's currently obsessed with houses, boxes, little people/animals and role play. This one is from the online shop Hop Toy Shop and again it's a site I recently came across and bookmarked because I thought it was lovely.

As always, do let me know what you think :-)


  1. Thanks Sarah, so much for this. Really pleased you like Shape Snap and Quack Quack, hope your son does too! On our website we have over 100 games and jigsaw puzzles that are not only educational, but great fun as well. But remember, when ordering directly with us, to quote promo code BG01 so as to receive yourlimited edition Christmas stencil set available whatever the size of your order.

  2. So many lovely gift ideas....thanks for highlighting the Orchard game just what I have been looking for.


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