Wednesday, 5 October 2011

{The Photo Gallery: Colour Red}

Autumn Leaves

This is a post for week 77 of Sticky Finger's The Gallery: Colour.  I love autumn... it's one of my favourite times of year. I love being wrapped up in lots of layers, snuggling in the warmth and I love the colours. (I don't love going out in the pouring rain which is often the case in Glasgow...but it rains in Glasgow all year round regardless of the season!).

If you get a chance head over to The Gallery and see the other entries...


  1. I love autumn too, the colours are sooo warm and rich. Great shot!

  2. Lovely deep red colour, This is also my favourite colour :)

  3. Beautiful. Even though we may live many miles apart, the autumnal experience is just as beautiful in both places. ( Do have to say though, that you may pip me on the rain front!)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone :-)


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