Sunday, 23 October 2011

{Ooh, that's!!!}

I'm linking up again with Tina Gray this week for her 'Ooh, that's!' blog hop.

Last week I shared some ideas for gifts for teachers, and this week I'm going to share some of the ideas I've been having for a shared bedroom for my 2 year old son and his 6 month old sister. They've been sharing a room now for a week (both in cots mind you!) and it's been great. They both sleep from 7-7.30pm through until 7-7.30am. I'm going to invest in a bunk bed that can also be used as two single beds, and I plan to move my son into his big boy bed soon. I'm going to have a transition where he'll sleep in the cot bed for a few weeks first, but we're missing the screws to make his cot into a cot bed - very annoying!

Colour scheme wise I'm thinking peacock blue, emerald green, lime green, deep plum & bright pink...I've pinned some colour inspiration photographs to my Shared Baby/Toddler Bedroom board.

Anyway, here's the bunk bed that I love from Aspace:

Nantucket Bunk Bed

Nantucket Bunk Bed as two single beds

I've also been looking for a night light for their new shared room, and here are my ideas:

I've also already purchased some fairy lights for the room - one set for my son in blues and greens and another for my daughter in plums and pinks. I bought these from a gift shop called Cloudy Blue in Aberdeen. You can select your own coloured balls for either a string that are 20, 35 or 50 lights in length.

My dad's wife has also very kindly been making a quilt for my son and daughter for their new room.

I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest:

Image source:

Also on the agenda is some new artwork for the room, and I love this print:

I also love these wall decals by Pop & Lolli:

I've also bought some jewel coloured wheatstraw baskets from Sainsbury's for holding toys and things on the shelves (that are yet to be built!):

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  1. Great pins, GM! Loving the gorgeous colours in the quilts and those pink and white bedrooms are too cute.

  2. Thank you. When I finally get my shared bedroom organised for them I'll post some photos!


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