Tuesday, 20 September 2011

{No Child Born to Die}

8 million children under five years old die every year of preventable and treatable illnesses.

I have just signed the Save the Children petition... please do the same.  No child should die because they can't see a health worker.

@HelloItsGemma and @michelletwinmum set a challenge to write 100 words about a great health professional you have encountered in your life.  Here are my 100 words:

My son was 7 weeks premature - I was whisked to hospital in an ambulance at the initial stages of labour following a phone call with my GP. My son was delivered safely and spent a few weeks on the neonatal ward where the nurses looked after his every need. They were amazing and I can't thank them enough for the attention and care they gave to my precious little bundle. From my GP, to the paramedics, the paediatricians and the midwifes and nurses.... My family and I are so grateful for the level and quality of care we received.


  1. So many people playing such important roles to keep your precisou little one safe and well, its so heart warming x

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yes, it was a multi-disciplinary team & everyone looked after my son and us so well. He was readmitted at 4 weeks as he was vomiting constantly. It was such a worrying time for us as new parents with a prem baby but the staff at the hospital were fantastic. He ended up having an operation but it was a straightforward procedure thankfully.

  3. thanks for sharing this, 7 weeks premature, must have been scary. Aren't we lucky to have such an amazing NHS.
    thanks for taking part X

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story and adding your voice to our great big shout, I really appreciate all the support.

  5. I'm really glad I've been able to participate in this worthwhile cause. All the work you are doing is truly amazing.


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