Thursday, 8 September 2011


I have taken inspiration from Katrina over at The Organised Housewife and decided to declutter my hall wardrobe. It has taken me longer than planned because I had to construct some new shelving and drawer units (which I did mainly by myself with just a teeny bit of help from hubby) and parts weren't in stock at Ikea or B&Q when I needed them... but I'm now finished and very pleased with myself.

My hall wardrobe is massive and it wasn't utilised to it's full potential. We chucked jackets, shoes, the hoover, car stuff, toolbox, yoga mat etc in there and it was a mess.

Here are some before photos:

First I had a declutter... I put some of my jackets and shoes to the charity shop and moved certain items to more suitable homes (hoover into the utility space, cushions into the attic, suitcases & overnight bags into a separate cupboard where the larger suitcases were stored already). 

I then removed one of the hanging rails to allow space for shelving and I installed a drawer unit from Ikea. The shelving uprights and brackets I bought from B&Q and I bought shelves from Ikea. I also attached some additional hooks onto the doors to hold handbags and some scarves.

Here are the after photos:

Shelves for shoes and toolbox

The Ikea drawer unit - 2 drawers for kiddie stuff, 2 drawers for my scarves & accessories and 2 drawers for the hubby (car stuff, accessories etc).

Shoes that I wear less often are stored in boxes.

Hooks for handbags & scarves.

I have left space under the bottom shelf for a stool to enable me to reach up to the top of the wardrobe easily - much more practical and means I can use this space.

The photos aren't fantastic, but you get the idea.  

So a big thank you to Katrina for the tips & advice... Now to tackle the next area!

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