Tuesday, 6 September 2011

{2nd birthday}

Here are some of the photos from my son's Teddy Bear Picnic party...

All photographs were taken by my sister, Ali Stewart. Thanks Ali :-)


  1. I absolutely love the rainbow cloud decorations - what a great idea! I hope you don't mind if I steal it for our lad's 2nd birthday party.

    I struggle to find good crafty ideas, and these are great - keep em coming!

  2. Thank you, although the original idea for the rainbow cloud came from Mom's Crafty Space who I mentioned in a previous blog post, http://glasgowmummy.blogspot.com/2011/07/crafty.html. I didn't use paper plates though - I cut out a cloud shape from card that I created using lots of different sized circles to make a template cloud. I also used ribbons as the streamers. All in all it worked very well though. I am loving Pinterest - that's where all the inspiration came from.


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