Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The hours between 4.30pm and 7.30pm tend to be manic ones... even more so with the arrival of my daughter.

Tonight for the first time I bathed both little ones together.  It actually made things a lot easier (I had previously been bathing my son first and then waiting until he was tucked up in bed before bathing my daughter) as it meant that both little ones were in their beds for 7pm... bliss!

I've ordered a towelling bath support from John Lewis and I reckon this will make bath-time much easier.  The current bath support I'm using is plastic and she slips off it too easily. I really need to be holding her in the support, which then makes it difficult to wash my son and stop him from clambering all over the place in the bath on the search for more toys!   

Once my son could sit we moved him into an Aqua Pod from Mothercare.  However, this bath support doesn't have sides to it, and it was possible for him to slouch over and slip through the open side.  A friend of mine has recommended another bath seat which I'm going to borrow from her when my daughter is older. It's a Saftey 1st Bath Seat and looks more secure for baby.

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