Sunday, 26 June 2011

{My Little Fajita}

We swaddled our son for his sleeps when he was a baby and I do believe that it helped settle him. I did try one of the fancy velcro swaddle wraps but he managed to wriggle his way out of it and we resorted to using a simple cotton sheet.

This time round I thought I would try a Swaddle Pod. It's basically a soft, stretchy pea pod that allows the baby to move a little but not to startle awake. As far as I'm aware it's designed to mimic the womb. There is a two way zip that also allows you to change nappies without removing it completely.

My daughter in her Swaddle Pod!

It's been great and I would highly recommend it.  The one shown above is for babies 7-12 pounds and I've already had to invest in a larger size - she's just growing so quickly!  

I couldn't seem to find a Summer Swaddle Pod in a larger size, so I have bought a Woombie Original Swaddle.  The Woombie is more expensive but it does look more comfortable around my daughter's neck compared to the Summer Swaddle Pod as the zip is tucked under a soft velour tab.

We still use a sheet to swaddle our daughter occasionally (when the pod has been projectile vomited on for example!) and my husband thought that it looked like he was making a little fajita wrap, hence the title of the post! Very cute!

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