Thursday, 16 June 2011

{Beginning, Middle & End}

Every story should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

So it seems sensible to start this blog at the beginning and give you, the reader, a very quick overview of my story thus far.

I'm a 29 year old wife & mummy living in Glasgow, Scotland. My son is nearly 2 years old (where has the time gone?!) and he is a proud big brother to his wee sister who is just 2 months old. It's been a tough journey into mummyhood... My first pregnancy was plain sailing until I reached 28 weeks. It was at this point I developed a horrendous itch that kept me up most of the night (I was subsequently diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis, OC). I then unexpectedly went into labour 7 weeks early and gave birth to a tiny but otherwise healthy baby boy. My son spent the first 3 weeks of his life in the neonatal unit at our local hospital as he was unable to suck properly and so had to be fed via a nasogastric tube. When we eventually took him home with us, he ended up back at hospital after a few days due to constant vomiting. He was then admitted to the children's hospital for an operation for pyloric stenosis and was there for a week. He suffered from reflux, colicky symptoms for what seemed like forever... It wasn't until he was 13 months old that things became more manageable and he suddenly became content rather than cranky. So far things have been easier with my daughter. She was born at 37 weeks following induction as I developed OC symptoms (the dreaded itch!) again.

The middle, well... you'll just have to watch this space! And the end... that's yet to come.

(Phew, first blog post complete!)


  1. Love the first post, you're much better at writing than me! I remember the struggles with the wee man, so glad you are finding it easier this time!



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