Monday, 28 September 2015

Review - Giraffe, West Regent Street, Glasgow

It's not that often that I eat out in Glasgow City Centre with the kids. We tend to frequent the obvious family friendly chains at the shopping centres like Braehead, St Enoch Centre, Glasgow Fort or Silverburn. The thought of eating out in town with the kids stresses me a little, as I'm not sure exactly which places are child friendly! It turns out I didn't need to fret... Giraffe is easily accessible in the centre of Glasgow.

Locals may know there is also a Giraffe at Silverburn shopping centre at Tesco, but I hadn't been to either so our visit to Giraffe was an adventure! (The kids have said they had been to Silverburn Giraffe with their dad, so they knew more than me!!). I was aware that Giraffe was taken over by Tesco a few years ago, and I had in my mind that it was a supermarket café rather than a destination in itself.

My previous conceptions were wiped on arrival at the Giraffe restaurant in town. The venue, on West Regent Street, is lovely and spacious. The decor is fab and I loved the bright pops of colour in the chairs and lighting. Definitely surroundings that I'd be happy to hang out in.

We were seated in the window and ordered a few drinks - Mango Mama smoothie as recommended by our waitress for me (£3.85). The little plastic giraffes that came with our drinks were super cute and a unique touch that I haven't seen anywhere before. The kids loved them and they were kept amused playing giraffe families!

Orchard Pig, Ginger & Chilli, £2.65

It was like the restaurant had read some of my older restaurant reviews because the kids drinks were served in plastic cups with a lid, so I wasn't stressed about them spilling like a previous experience. We also were given activity/colouring sheets for the kids with crayons which was ideal. 

Food wise we ordered a mezze platter to start with mini pitta bread, halloumi skewers, falafel plus hummus, tzatziki, ratatouille, baba ghanoush and tabbouleh. The kids shared this with us, and it all was lovely.

Mezze Platter, £10.50

For mains, the kids had a salmon fillet with salad and potato wedges (£5.65). I personally loved that there was a choice for a 'grown-up' dinner for them rather than just chicken nuggets or fish fingers. The kids wolfed their meals (apart from the lettuce!) and gave their dinner a big thumbs up.

I had ordered a Thai Duck Stir Fry, and it was really delicious. Rick had Firecracker Chicken Katsu (£11.25) which he also loved. We shared some sweet potato fries too - the kids weren't keen on these but Rick & I enjoyed them very much. The dishes were presented well- I loved the grey bowl that my stir fry arrived in - right up my street!

Thai Duck Stir Fry, £10.95

Firecracker Chicken Katsu, £11.25

Sweet Potato Fries, £3.95

Grilled Salmon Fillet & Salad, £5.65
Of course we had to try dessert. The kids had the kids sundae, which of course they were delighted with! I had the Rocky Road Sundae (£5.95) and I didn't anticipate the size being so huge! It was immense, by this point I was pretty full but I managed to eat it all!! We washed down our pudding with a 'Moroccan' Fresh Mint Tea (£1.95), which along with some fresh mint it had a tea bag, so it wasn't the authentic experience I had expected, but it was still a nice end to the meal.

I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at Giraffe and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The staff were attentive (although they knew we were reviewing the restaurant) and the food was lovely. I'd definitely go back.

The menu for breakfast/brunch looks great - Mon to Fri until noon you can have a Breakfast Burrito with a hot drink for £5! Warm tortilla filled with scrambled egg, chorizo, jalapenos, melted cheese, chipotle sauce, tomato & avocado salsa - yum!! 

We left the restaurant, the kids with their balloons, and we walked back to the car
with happy, full tummies :-)
We received a complimentary dinner in exchange for this review. Opinions, as always, are our own and are honest.

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