Friday, 3 July 2015

Taylor Swift at Clydesdale Bank's #HydroVault

I truly felt like a VIP last week when I spent the evening at Clydesdale Bank's #HydroVault.

On arrival at the SSE Hydro there were queues and queues of Taylor Swift fans waiting patiently to get through the doors. Melaina, Amanda, Lynsay and I were fortunate to have exclusive, money can't buy #HydroVault tickets which meant we could by-pass the line. Anyone can enter to upgrade their SSE Hydro tickets to seats at the #HydroVault - you can find out more here.

Once inside we made our way to the Hydro Club desk and a Hydro Club member of staff then escorted us to our seats... a bright red leather sofa in our very own private booth!!!! I was super excited to say the least!

The red sofa!

The views of the stage were absolutely fantastic. Words don't even begin to express what a unique experience the #HydroVault is.

As the name suggests, the vault feels cut off from the crowds and it made the whole evening rather intimate. Taylor Swift wowed the audience with her 1989 tour... there were sequins, fairy lights and fireworks but it was her honest words in between the songs that really made the evening for me. She was raised up on a crane in the middle of the arena - making her even closer to the #HydroVault - as she shared her experiences of love and heartbreak. I shed a tear (or two...maybe three); I can't even blame the alcohol as I only had one glass of wine with dinner. All I can say is that it was a combination of the surroundings, the atmosphere and her words that connected with me (I think you had to be there!).

The VIP treatment continued as the show went on... there is a button in the vault to call the waiter and you are served drinks from the comfort of the sofa! You don't have to budge an inch!! It's these little touches that really did make the evening amazing.

As we were separated from the audience in our own space we could dance around to our hearts content without worrying about annoying the other guests. I have to say I hadn't really been much of a Taylor Swift fan but I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, much more than I thought I was going to. By the end of the night I had developed a proper girl crush.

Next time I have SSE Hydro tickets I will most certainly be trying to upgrade to the #HydroVault; regular seats aren't going to cut the mustard anymore! 

Want in on the action? Enter to upgrade your seats here.

I received a complimentary ticket to Taylor Swift in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are my own.

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