Friday, 15 May 2015


It's been so long since I took part in Morgana's #LittleLoves and I've really missed joining in. It's quite nice just to take stock each week and look back on the small things that have made me happy.

// Watched

Movie wise I've watched Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. It started well, but then I wasn't convinced by the ending. I'm not sure I would recommend it. We've also started watching House of Cards on Netflix and we're already on Series 2 (clearly we watch too much TV!).

As I type this I've got Made in Chelsea on in the background - my guilty pleasure!

// Read

I've got a few books on my nightstand and on my Kindle but I just haven't had the time to turn the pages. Rick & I were in London the other weekend and I did read on the plane but I am looking forward to a lazy Sunday, wrapped in a blanket (or ideally sitting in the sun on a lounger in the garden but the weather isn't proving too great at the moment!) getting stuck into a good book.

// Made

Not very much I'm sad to say!

// Wore

I picked up a few new dresses in Cos last time I was in town which I have been wearing to work. I love both of them - they're very wearable, wash well and I don't need to iron them - result!! One is a black dress which you can see below, the other is a grey jersey number which was in the sale - it's super comfy yet is smart enough for work.

// Heard

I just love this song by Lunchmoney Lewis... it's the one song on the radio at the moment that makes me crank up the volume.

// And lastly...

For my more local followers, I have a competition running just now with the St Enoch Centre where you can win a £50 voucher. It's very simple to enter, and you can find the details here.


  1. We watched Oblivion this week too, I was extremely underwhelmed. With so many great actors in I expected more. It had an average plot twist but I was left a big 'meh'. Here's hoping for some sunshine this week xx #littleloves

  2. So lovely to have you back and joining in with Little Loves. That Cos dress is gorgeous - and no ironing? Massive bonus! ;-)
    Have a lovely week xx


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