Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Sales Shopping at Glasgow Fort

At the weekend, Rick & I headed to Glasgow Fort for some sale shopping. We arrived nice and early, about 11am-ish, and got parked really easily - result! You'll be amazed at all the bargains I managed to pick up. I've filmed a vlog, but not had a chance to upload this yet as I've been travelling visiting family these past few days.

So in the meantime, here's what I chose:

Carex hand wash, strawberry laces and bubblegum scents - 2 for £2 (I absolutely love these hand washes!)
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour creams (30 mL x2) - £3 
L'Oreal eye make-up remover - £2
Hair bobbles - £2.50
Black glittery hair clips x4 - £2.50 (I'm still growing out my fringe!)
Can opener - £3 (mine is really rusty and desperately needed replacing!)
Drop earrings - £2
Camera case - £3.50
Phone case - £1
Cat leggings for my daughter - £4 (not in sale)
Jeans for my son - £4
Pack of 5 socks for my son - £4 (not in sale)
Pack of 5 socks for me - £5 (not in sale)
Fox slipper socks - £3
Suede casual ankle boots - £10
Taupe super soft jumper for lounging around the house - £3
So that comes to a total of £54.50. I think I did pretty well!!

Rick didn't have as much success as I did unfortunately. In Jack & Jones there seemed to be plenty of options available in size small, but there wasn't much in medium :-(

He selected the following:

Maroon hoodie, £20

Maroon polo short-sleeved shirt, £10

T-shirt, £7.50
T-shirt, £7
Black belt, £5

Bringing that to a total of £49.50.

Both the t-shirts were small so he has gifted these to his brothers:

Whilst we were at Glasgow Fort we had some lunch. We timed our visit perfectly as the Eats from the Street event was running. Burritos from Mighty Mexican were chosen, and they were amazing!

Rick also picked up a new suit from Next in the sale along with a new shirt and tie. I grabbed a few bargains for the littlest from Next as well (leggings and a dress). And we both got some new shoes at Clarks. I particularly love my new Gore-tex tan boots. Aren't they gorgeous...

What bargains have you grabbed in the sales?

We were gifted a £50 voucher for Asda Living and a £50 voucher for Jack & Jones at Glasgow Fort for this write up. Opinions, as always, are my own.

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