Saturday, 13 December 2014

Love the Little Things

A day later than usual, but here is my weekly contribution to Morgana's Love the Little Things blog hop.


Since returning from Spain, where I finished Gone Girl, I've not really read very much at all. I do have a few other books that I still need to read that are on my bedside cabinet so hopefully next week I'll have something to contribute here!


I've been watching a lot more of YouTube lately - trying to get tips and tricks for my own channel!

I loved Lily Pebbles 'my shoe collection' vlog - a great example of some creative editing. Hopefully I'll be able to do vlogs like this soon!!

Movie wise, R & I watched Jack Reacher on Netflix. Not my choice, but it was quite clever story and I did enjoy it. It's rated 7/10 on IMDb which is pretty good. The story line is this: 'a homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims'.


Last night was my work Christmas Party. My last one before moving to a new company in January! I've worked out I have 11 shifts left with my current employer. I've been with them for 7 years - big change ahead!!

Sporting my Christmas pudding glasses from Primark

The weather has been miserable in Glasgow and so I've been dressed head to toe in my waterproofs for the school run:


My son had his nativity play this week and he was a Roman soldier. His line was 'wake up, wake up' and he was brilliant. I was a super proud mummy. When the whole class started singing Away in a Manger, I actually was silently sobbing in my seat. Thankfully I wore my fringe down so I don't think I was spotted by anyone!


We made iced Christmas tree biscuits and 'Frozen' cupcakes to take to the school Christmas fair. We totally left it to the last minute, and as such I found it really stressful, but we all helped with the baking and I think it will be more fun when we repeat the exercise next weekend - we will be making treats to drop off at the neighbours houses!

I also made my 'Glasgow Mummy' garland using my word banner pack from Violet and Percy. This completes the wall above my computer. I have a print from etsy which says 'just five more minutes' sitting on a white ledge from Ikea. I also have some star fairy lights (think these were from Homebase a few years ago) and a perspex stag Christmas decoration (from John Lewis).

and Lastly...

On my work Christmas Party last night the sole of my shoe came off (cue much hilarity from the rest of my team - thanks guys!) and then when I got home I was taking off my necklace and it fell apart in my hands. I'm absolutely devastated. I've had this necklace for years and years. Many of my friends have borrowed it, and my sister even wore it at her wedding.

I also used to do a bit of fashion photography a number of years ago (I was a total amateur, but I really enjoyed it!) and occasionally the models would wear it...

I'm hoping that it can be soldered back together.

My car got scraped in the school car park this week too... so things haven't been going all that well!! There's no CCTV so I doubt I'll be able to find out who did it. I'm now missing paint on my back bumper on an area of about 5x3 cm plus a few other scratches. What a great Christmas present!!!

Anyway - about to catch up on the other #littleloves posts and see how you've all been getting on this week xxx


  1. What a busy week. I have read loads of the Jack Reacher books, and seen this film! I thought it was good. Love your blog space. Love your necklace, I hope you do manage to get it fixed, it is a real piece of bling! Sorry to hear about your car, but woohoo for a new job. Good luck missus!

    1. Thank you Mel. Yes - every week seems to be busy at the minute!! x

  2. Hehe love those glasses! I enjoyed the Jack Reacher film too, bit like CSI. Those biscuits look YUM, it's all about the Christmas baking at the moment :) hope you had a relaxing weekend xx

    1. Yes, had an enjoyable weekend with not much on. This weekend I have the kids and it will be busy busy!! x

  3. Oh no, your poor necklace. Really hope you can get it fixed, it's beautiful!
    Totally rocking the Christmas Pudding glasses! x

    1. I just love the glasses!! Got a Christmas Tree pair too! Lol x

  4. Those biscuits look amazing! Mine never look neat!
    I really hope you manage to get your necklace fixed :-( xx

    1. I went on a course to do decorated sugar cookies, but I didn't have the time to do the line icing & flood icing so cheated and used the cutter to get iced shapes from ready-made fondant the same size as the biscuit which I then stuck on with jam! Easy but effective! Hope you have a great Christmas break x


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