Friday, 5 December 2014

Love the Little Things

Joining in again with Morgana for her Love the Little Things linky.

I've still been watching The Walking Dead (onto Season 4 now!), but I've also been watching The Missing. I find it harrowing, but I'm somewhat drawn to these more 'true to life' programmes.


I was whisked away to Girona and Barcelona at the weekend by R.  It was lovely to have a change of scenery and I feel very lucky. The weather wasn't brilliant and so the soundtrack to our trip was that of rainfall. We still managed a bit of sightseeing, and I ate lots of lovely food - croissants and tapas - and drank plenty cava and sangria (to help with my cold, which thankfully now seems to be subsiding!!). 


Whilst we were away I managed to finally finish Gone Girl. Once I got into it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was keen to find out what happened to the characters (not going to give anything away!) so I may have ended up ignoring R whilst we were on the train/plane as I was too busy reading (sorry!). However I felt slightly let down by the end and had anticipated something more. Nonetheless, I'd still like to see the film. Need to find out if it's still in the cinema.


I spent the weekend in my Ted Baker beige showerproof jacket (and I ended up being soaked through whilst in Spain...not good!) and on my bottom half I lived in my grey skinny jeans and sparkly animal print trainers (which also got soaked through!).


I have finally filled the frames that have been empty in my hallway for 8 months!! I ended up getting three prints from lettersonlove on Etsy because if you bought two, you got one free!

I also was sent a hamper from Galloway Cheddar and we made these amazing haggis quesadillas before we went to the airport.

And Lastly...

I'm feeling super festive and have been loving getting the house ready for Christmas. This weekend we're off to see Santa at the St Enoch Centre, so watch this space to see how we got on :-)


  1. So funny! I posted a travel video too! And also not relevant to this post at all but I love your tree!

  2. The prints are lovely! We've been watching The Missing too and I can't wait to see how it finishes, really hoping it doesn't disappoint! x

  3. I've got a few lettersonlove prints in my Etsy basket but haven't bought them yet, I really must do as yours look fab.
    I've not read Gone Girl yet, I've heard such good things (apart from the ending) so maybe it should be next one my list. xxx


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