Monday, 27 October 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Home Edition

Continuing with the Christmas Gift Guides, here are some home ideas for you...

Shearer Candles

I love that Shearer Candles is a local family business who manufacture their products here in Glasgow. The packaging on the V&A Collection candles at Shearer Candles is gorgeous. Have a look at this Ebony gift box candle:

V&A Ebony candle

Amber Noir candles and diffuser

Stag Head

My sister has a stag head in her formal 'adults only, no children allowed' living room which looks amazing as she has the ceiling height to pull it off - it's called Errol. I have a cardboard stag head in my hallway, but I have discovered this fabric patchwork fabric stag head at Marks & Spencers and thought I'd share it with you. It won't be to everyone's taste, but I love it!

Or this standing deer from Cox & Cox is also fab:

Stocking & Holder

I spotted these beautiful Christmas stockings in John Lewis, aren't they gorgeous! This would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone, and they could use it year after year...

My living room is silver themed, so these Star and Tree Silver Stocking Holders would be ideal too:

Subscription to home magazine 

Magazines are a rare treat for me, and so a magazine subscription is an ideal gift. My choices would be either Livingetc or Sainsburys magazine.


I love a blanket to curl up under at this time of year, but it's not something that I would normally buy myself as there are always other things that are more important. This is a luxury item that would be perfect as a Christmas gift. For me, it has to be something snuggly, so I've picked this faux fur beige blanket from H&M Home. Another lovely gift is a bath robe. Just putting it out there! There are loads of great home buys on the H&M site... have a peek here to see all the new arrivals.

Snow globe

I've done a separate post on snow globes. They are becoming a new family tradition.

Tea towel 

Wrap a bottle of wine in said tea towel to create this lovely gift...

For the tea towel, go for something humorous and festive, like this:

Or perhaps a cool print like this kissing stags tea towel from John Lewis (can you tell that I love stags!):

Set of Mugs

Most people I know love either tea, coffee or hot chocolate... so a mug to me is another 'can't go wrong' gift. Also at this time of year a nice mug of mulled wine is delightful! I like these Mulled Wine Mugs from Wayfair.

Christmas bunting

I love this 'Deck the Halls' garland from Violet and Percy.

Digital radio

This has been on my wish list for a while. How cool is this Roberts Revival Mini DAB Radio from John Lewis! Love it!!

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