Wednesday, 10 September 2014

{Love to Craft}

The kids and I love to craft. My mum loved to be creative - she used to do rubber stamping with us as kids and I have such fond memories of our day trips to Edinburgh where we would chose a new wooden stamp at the stand which was in the Waverley Shopping Centre (and then get sweets from the old fashioned sweet shop on Cockburn Street). We also used to draw, paint, glue, glitter, Fimo, Hama beads etc... the list is endless.

With the recent loom band craze - that my littlest of three is even a fan of! - I started to think what other crafts we could do. I still have all of our rubber stamps from when I was a wee girl and we regularly make stamp pictures. We also love to mould things out of Play Doh (I just love the smell of Play Doh!). And we make greetings cards and pictures using my supplies of embellishments and we even have a set of embossing tools from Becky that are perfect for little hands!

I could easily spend hours at HobbyCraft, and luckily there's a massive store at Glasgow Fort that's open until 10pm during the week!

I used to LOVE fuzzy felts when I was growing up

Everything is better with a bit of glitter, pink glitter no less!!

I'm already starting to think about *whispers* Christmas, and this punch would be ideal for making Christmas cards with the kids.

And sticking with the festive theme, these stamps are so cute. My littlest would love the snowflakes -  ideal for her to make some Frozen pictures.

This weekend on Saturday (13th September) there are free docrafts demonstrations in-store between 11am and 3pm where you can find out about the Creativity Essentials papercraft range.

What are your favourite crafts for with little ones?

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