Thursday, 7 August 2014

{Sad that Glasgow 2014 is over}

That's it, the Games are over :-(

We well at truly got in the spirit of the games here at the Glasgow Mummy house.

I was a proud #Team14 blogger, and was really lucky to be invited along to some fantastic events such as a lawn bowling coaching session with the kids, a tour of the Athlete's Village and I got a ticket for the Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal too. I also had purchased tickets myself for the weightlifting, and was very lucky to win tickets for the athletics from Virgin Media. I invited Lauren along with me and we had amazing seats!!

I had a good friend that was dancing in the Opening Ceremony who had a great story to share, and we also had my sister's friend Laura and her wife Hannah staying with us for the duration of the Games. They're both medics and were volunteering at some of the sporting events.

I asked Laura a few questions about her time in Glasgow as I thought it was interesting to get her perspective...

"Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I work as a general surgeon in the Highlands but do a bit of event medicine and expeditions in my spare time!

Laura & Clyde

What made you sign up to volunteer for the Games?

After going to The Olympics and finding an amazing atmosphere in London, I decided that being part of that would be incredible and Glasgow seemed like the next big thing!

Laura & Hannah

What training was involved?

Training involved a few trips to The Emirates Arena for general training followed by venue-specific training where we learnt all about the venue we'd be working in. I also had to do some online training as I couldn't make it to Glasgow for all the dates.

What did your job entail?

I had two roles. I was the Field of Play Medical Lead for netball which involved sitting on the court side and assisting the athletes and their medical teams if required and I worked as the Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor for both the mountain biking and the road biking.

Hockey selfie :-)

With the Jersey road biking team!

What was your favourite part of the Games?

Difficult...I think my favourite part was the atmosphere in Glasgow and the attitude of people who are going out of their way to make it a success from volunteering to providing a much needed sofa bed to friends (that's me!!).

Were there any negatives?

Not really, I didn't even mind cycling through the rain to get to events! I suppose the only negative would be that I'm feeling quite exhausted!

What did you get up to in Glasgow when you weren't working?

When I wasn't working I managed to catch up with friends and sample some of Glasgow's amazing cuisine."

Thank you Laura!!

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