Friday, 13 June 2014

{World Gin Day}

It's World Gin Day this weekend on Saturday 14th June.

Hurrah for Gin!

My sister has built up an impressive collection of different gins, and I'm progressing slowly. At the moment I have Hendricks, Tanqueray and Caorunn.

Anyway, I've come up with a few ideas for gin cocktails for you...

Fizzy Gin Cocktail with Rosemary and Blackberries... and I have fresh rosemary in my garden, result!

Apple, elderflower and gin cocktail. I think this would work well with Caorunn gin which tends to be served with apple slices.

The Aviation - love the colour of this one!

This one is appropriate for me as it's called Southside! If you head on over to the Social and Cocktail website, you'll see a video of a barman making this cocktail. And you'll possibly spot my photo on their website too ;-)


  1. I have to say I'm really not the biggest fan of Gin at all. I have tried a variety of different Gins to see if perhaps there is a particular brand I might prefer, but I just don't enjoy a simple Gin and tonic at all. So perhaps the way forward may be a fabulous Gin based cocktail instead? I definitely think I'll be trying out some of these, so thanks for sharing! The Aviation cocktail looks amazing!

  2. I love gin - love it, especially an aviation (easily my go-to cocktail). Can't honestly say I've ever had one that colour though! This has reminded me - I've got an Earl Grey Gin recipe I've been meaning to try making up for ages!


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