Saturday, 14 June 2014

{What I'm Wearing to BritMums}

Well, I'm not going to reach my target weight by next weekend so I'm not allowing myself to buy anything new for BritMums Live. Boo! (I'm skint anyway!)

I am however getting my hair done, and reckon it will end up platinum again.

From all the posts I've read about BritMums Live, I gather it's best to go for something comfortable.

I have a branded t-shirt to wear on the Saturday, which I will team with a pair of jeans (my new ones from Sainsbury's if I can fit into them again!) and my sparkly trainers.

For the Friday, I have no idea what to wear!

Options are my denim skater dress from M&S which I can easily dress up for the Friday night, or perhaps my black plether jeans which again are rather versatile, or maybe grey jeans and a sparkly jumper.

Decisions, decisions!! Help me!!

Option 1 - denim skater dress

Option 2 - black plether jeans

Option 3 - grey jeans and sparkly jumper

I have been sponsored by Glasgow Fort to attend BritMums Live :-)


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