Wednesday, 7 May 2014

{My Happy Place}

My bed is one of the happiest places in my home - I love it.

But aside from my bed, another happy place is my desk. This is where I blog!

In my old house I had a home office. In my new place I don't have a spare room but luckily I do have a landing at the top of the stairs which is big enough for a set of shelving and a small desk (both Ikea).

A while back I posted some ideas for making my space a bit prettier, and this Bank Holiday Weekend I finally had the time to paint my hallway and it spurred me on to get my desk a bit more organised and tidy! Let's hope I can keep it this way!

If you're wondering, the paint is Valspar Rocky Shelter (my sister used this colour in her spare room and I loved it!).

Painting well underway!

Ta da! My new prettier desk space.


  1. Ahh what a wonderful place to work! It all looks so pretty x

    1. Thanks Kim. It's a really nice space now - I love it :)


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