Tuesday, 8 April 2014

{Happy Birthday to my Littlest}

My daughter turns 3 this month. Yes, three!!! Where has the time gone??

For her first birthday we threw an afternoon tea party and for her 2nd birthday I hosted a painting party. This year she's having a small Build a Bear party with her big brother and their cousins - I know that she'll love it.

I thought I'd pull together a few of my favourite photographs of her over the last three years...

Just a week old!

I did a lot of walking whilst the littlest was a baby as 
part of my fitness programme with my personal trainer. The baby carrier was great for this.

Out for tea and cakes with the girls!

Those cheeks!!

Dressing up for Halloween. I love a tutu!

1st birthday 'afternoon tea' party - and another tutu!

Starting to look more like a little girl than a baby!

Dressed as Robin for her brother's super hero party!

Doing some gardening last month!

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