Thursday, 20 February 2014

{my kitchen table}

I have so many great memories that are associated with the table in the kitchen of the house I grew up in.

Painting, cutting, sketching, colouring in, glueing, rubber stamping....all manner of arts & crafts! My mum was rather crafty & I loved being sat at the table on one of the benches doing art work.

We also used to sit at the same benches drinking earl grey tea & eating delightful almond biscuits after having been outside playing in the cold (hilarious I know, but it's true!).

My sister & I also used to eat our dinner there most nights with our mum (dad didn't get home from work until later)... we used to have pink grapefruit as a starter regularly (seems bizarre as it's not something I eat now) and I was made to drink cups of milk (which I very much disliked!).

Now as a grown up (cough, cough!) with my own children, I am creating memories at our table.

We do lots of arts & crafts... painting, cutting, sketching, colouring in, glueing, rubber stamping (notice a similarity!?) and we eat dinner together every evening. 

Baking cakes at the old house. Yummy!

I don't have a dining kitchen anymore in the new house, but I have a dining recess in the playroom/dining room which is attached to my small galley kitchen. I've taken the furniture from my old house with me, and thankfully it fits perfectly.

This was the space when I first moved in!

Mild chilli with rice and pasta (her choice!) made into a smiley face!!

The boxes weren't unpacked and they were still at the table drawing!

Getting there!

Creating more art for the walls :)

I've attached two Ikea curtain wires to the wall to display their artwork with plastic bird clips that I bought from cloudy blue in Aberdeen.

Now the walls are painted, and I'm nearly finished this room!


  1. I love the curtain wire idea! Might have to pinch that for hanging postcards and pictures in a tiny space in my kitchen.


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