Wednesday, 18 December 2013

{#ShareAdvent - Random Act of Kindness}

Today's #ShareAdvent prompt, 'Random Act of Kindness', got me thinking on the drive to work this morning...

A car that was up ahead of me was indicating to enter into my lane. I quick flash from me to let them know it was safe for them to go ahead with their manoeuvre, followed by a flash of the hazards from them to say thanks.

There are so many drivers out there that are full of rage, and it's makes driving a really unpleasant experience for me.

It doesn't take much, but I think it's important to say thank you. A little act of kindness, that can make a massive difference to someone's day.

Some driver's raise their hand to say thanks, others may just nod their head or lift their index finger. I usually stick the hazards on for a couple of flashes, and raise my hand too - just to be sure that they know I'm saying thank you!

At work, one of my colleagues has suggested we start using the 'ok' signal that's used in diving to say thanks whilst behind the wheel...

I did it once, and the other driver gave me a slightly funny look. But perhaps it might catch on??

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