Sunday, 1 December 2013

{#ShareAdvent - "Joy to the World"}

I still can't quite believe the Clutha Glasgow Helicopter Crash and my thoughts go out to those that have been affected by this. Police have now named two of the victims, and it makes it so much more real. From the small amount of footage I've seen, it looks like the Glasgow-people have pulled together and shown a real sense of community. I'm proud to live in this great city. I'm still going to put my Christmas tree up this evening as planned, but when I light my candles later I will be thinking of those involved in this tragic incident. There is a memorial service at Glasgow Cathedral next to Glasgow Royal Infirmary at 11am this morning should you wish to attend. 

Eight people have died.... 
14 are in hospital with serious injuries... 
And they've still not recovered all the bodies...

At the moment it seems there is no joy in the world, but I've decided to keep the post I had originally scheduled for today's #ShareAdvent. Here it is... 

I'm planning on joining in with Anna from Skin and Blister's #ShareAdvent this year.

The calendar starts on December 1st and counts down to Christmas Day. You can join in however you, Tweet or Instagram :-)

The first prompt, "Joy to the World", I'm guessing is in reference to the popular Christmas Carol.

I'm not religious, and my thoughts on Christmas carols and festive music then turned to a Buddy the Elf quote...

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear"

Which sort of ties in with the carol and today's prompt...? (Although I may then be stumped when it comes to 11th December!)

Anyway, today is the first of December and I will be putting up my Christmas tree and other decorations this evening.

It's become a tradition of mine that I watch Elf and put the tree up on the first Sunday of December, usually with a glass of wine in hand (preferably mulled, to get me in the Christmas spirit!). Click here to see a photo of my tree last year!

The other movie that I watch every festive season is The Holiday (it's in my all time top 10). I just love it.

And this year, R (the man!) & I are off to see Its a Wonderful Life at Glasgow Film Theatre. I love this time of year!

When do you put your tree up and what movies are on your list this Christmas?

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