Saturday, 16 November 2013

{Baby It's Cold Outside}

I've been 'window shopping' (online!) and lusting after a winter coat which is cosy but equally smart enough for a day/night out. At the moment the only warm jacket I have is my North Face parka, which isn't ideal for heading out for dinner or drinks! On the other end of the scale, I have an amazing big black faux fur coat which was gifted to me by my good friend Perth Mummy, but it's really glam and I've love something that's in the middle of the two! Too much to ask??

Keeping with the faux fur theme (it is warm after all!), I love this black jacket from Phase Eight. I just wish there was something along these lines, but with a hood as I hate having to carry an umbrella!

Fern Faux Fur Jacket, £130 at House of Fraser

This grey coat from Biba at House of Fraser looks equally cosy:

But again, no hood :-(

This one from Next is less pricey and comes in at £70, but it doesn't look as cosy without the collar:

My other thought was to get a shorter parka with a hood which would hopefully be cosy, but smarter than my North Face. Something along the lines of this Mint Velvet parka perhaps... 

Or this fur lined one from Oasis, which is a much more reasonable £88:

Or how about a duffel coat with a hood, in navy unfortunately but fits the bill in terms of smart/casual I think:

And lastly, I wanted to share this beauty... totally glam and not what I'm looking for, but I love it! 

Tell me, what coat and jacket style are you wearing this winter? I need some inspiration! :-)

PS Thankfully tonight I don't need to head out into the cold, as Social and Cocktail are coming to mine for an intimate cocktail party with a few of my friends. Watch this space for more details...

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  1. I really want a big faux fur coat this winter, they are so cosy


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