Tuesday, 17 September 2013

{Wonder World, Kinning Park}

Last week I took the kids to Wonder World for the first time (99 Middlesex Street, Kinning Park). Turns out they were pro's as their dad has taken them here before, but it was all new to me!

We were there on a Thursday afternoon, and parking wasn't an issue - I found a space easily right outside. I can imagine though that when it's busy that it could be an issue as it's on-street parking rather than a car park. I paid just under £10 for entry for the kids, which I think is ok given all the activities inside.

I literally couldn't believe the size of the place when we walked in - it's gigantic (just checked their website, and it's apparently the biggest soft play in Glasgow). The ceilings are so high and the space is immense. This is the type of venue that would panic me if it was busy - I'd be terrified of losing them (I know it's got a locked exit, but you just never know!).

Thankfully it was quiet and my friends and I picked a table that gave us quite a good view of the area.

Littlest enjoying the Moon Crater

My friends and their little ones in the Baby & Toddler Zone (just in case you think I'm taking photos of random strangers and their kids!)

The toilet facilities were clean enough...lots of cubicles and sinks with stools for the little ones!

Dora the Explorer even came out to say Hello! 

Can you see the yellow slide in the middle...I went down it with my eldest and it's steep when you're at the top!!! My heart was absolutely racing by the time I got to the bottom (I did do it a couple more times though!!).


There's one other drop slide which was an even steeper gradient, but thankfully it was shut!

I didn't have any food at the soft play, but spotted a family with a pizza, chips and nachos and it looked & smelt decent. You can have a look at the menu here. They also serve Starbucks coffee.

I really don't think I'd like to come here if it was busy and would make a point of avoiding it at the weekend. We timed our visit quite well and the children that were in the soft play were all of a similar age, but I can imagine it would be rougher if there were older ones about.

One negative point was the music. I heard the song Icona Pop, I Love It at least twice whilst I was there and it wasn't a radio edit. With lyrics including 'You're from the seventies, but I'm a nineties bitch' and 'I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs', I just don't think it was appropriate for the age of the children that were there.

Have you been to Wonder World before, what were your thoughts?

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  1. I think pretty much exactly the same as you - great venue on quiet days but at the weekend I found it very intimidating.
    I thought the meals were quite fairly priced but for entry and a small lunch I was £40 for an afternoon with my brood, which means this is a rare treat. It really bugs me that there's a no food of your own rule.


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