Sunday, 4 August 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

This week has gone by pretty quickly... can't believe it's August already!!!

Trying a bit harder with my work wardrobe... shirt from Next, skirt from Mint Velvet and my Boden boots which have had to go into get re-heeled.

The weather has been on & off... new pink flip flops from Sainsbury's

My littlest in her tutu!! Proper little fashionista

My son is four this month.... 4!!!! 

My dad & his wife Jo came for the weekend and on Saturday we went to Loch Lomond to the Sea Life Centre. My favourite part was the otters.... they were just so adorable and the squeals of delight from my littlest as they popped in and out of the water were just the best.

It's now 5 weeks until moving day and my dad helped me take down some of my light fittings which aren't being included in the sale. Bye bye chandeliers, for now anyway!

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