Saturday, 4 May 2013

{Smitten Saturday: Grandparents}

Glasgow Mummy

Last week I was smitten with my sister for encouraging me with my running (which is going well), and this week I'm sticking with family as I'm thrilled that my dad and his wife have moved back to the UK... yay for grandparents that are close by!!

They landed in Glasgow on Tuesday this week and have now made their way back up to Aberdeen which is where they will be based for the next wee while.

On Thursday morning we went on a trip to the National Museum of Rural Life and it was lovely to spend a day with the kids and my dad & Jo. We started at the museum where we had a walk around all the various exhibits and searched for all the animal pictures that were on the 'treasure hunt' (we checked them all off the list & received a certificate for our efforts!), followed by a much needed coffee & cake in the cafe. After which we took a ride on Dougal the Shoogle - the bumpy tractor trailer - along to the farm. We spotted Mairi the Clydesdale horse and we counted the Tamworth piglets that were squealing (for their mummy & daddy in the next pen according to my son!). We also saw some Ayrshire cows... and to the delight of my son he saw one do a poo! We then had a quick tour of the period farmhouse and managed to find all 5 of the fluffy cows and bagged certificate number 2!!

What are you smitten with this week?

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