Saturday, 27 April 2013

{Smitten Saturday: Alison}

Glasgow Mummy

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Anyway, this week I am smitten with my little sister, Alison (also known as Ali & The Grey House or @the_grey_house). (Everyone we meet that doesn't know us thinks that she's older though, sorry Ali!)

I was starting to lose my running & keep fit mojo and Ali has managed to get my spark back again.

Yesterday she signed me up for the Glasgow Half Marathon and I'm actually excited about my next race (I know, I can't believe it either - me, excited about running!).

I got such a buzz competing in the Edinburgh Half Marathon last year in May, my first ever race! Since then I've done a 10 mile run around Millport (September 2012) but then after that I'm ashamed to admit I've done nothing and my fitness levels have decreased dramatically. The weight has also started to creep back on :-/

This is it though, I've now got a goal... to beat my time of 2 hours 12 min.

Bring it on! Thank you Ali for giving me the kick I needed!!

So tell me, what's got you Smitten this week?


  1. Excellent linky idea. And I'm glad you're enjoying running.
    I'm doing the 10k, but I wouldn't say I'd go as far enjoying it, but this morning's outing wasn't too bad.


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