Monday, 25 February 2013

{You're Just my Cup of Tea}

It looks like a few of my followers are reckoning that Single_Man_75 and I are an item, especially in light of his recent announcement.

I thought I would clarify things a bit... yes, Single_Man_75 came to Glasgow to visit, but I'm not the woman in his life that he is now referring to on his blog.

I guess it's now an appropriate time to briefly mention that I have however also met someone. My husband is aware of this (I was spotted apparently) but I had planned to tell him anyway before he meets the children (which is yet to happen).

Not sure I want to go into any more detail at the moment... I'm sure you can all understand why. What I will say is that I'm really happy (despite all my current stress that is associated with moving house!!)


  1. Well, you're a total babe so really it's about time that you were back in the dating pool again. Sod what anyone else has to say (or gossip!) about your life doll, it's yours and you only get to live it the once.

    Be happy! x

  2. Was lovely to meet you and your man at the weekend, sorry if my presence started any rumours! Next time I'll bring my girlfriend and then lets see the gossip! lol

    1. I've found it rather amusing as I'm sure you have too! lol!! Was lovely to meet you :-)

  3. Good to hear.
    Children first.
    You second.
    Everyone else as and where you see them fitting into your new life.
    Hope that makes sense - may have to explain in an email at some point.
    Basically on your side as always.
    Hope it is that sort of feeling where everything changes colour and gets zingy!


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