Monday, 4 February 2013

{Meal Planning Monday}

It's that time of the week again, and here I am joining in with Meal Planning Monday - but with the correct logo this week!!

Meal Planning Monday

I made the mistake of weighing myself the other day and I've put on about a stone and a half since stopping with my personal trainer... made me feel rubbish. I know that I've indulged lately in a tonne of cakes but I used to do enough exercise to compensate. Note the tense! Lately I've hardly been doing any exercise so the cake, white pasta and bread and the alcohol is all taking it's toll on my waistline & hips!!

However, I am still of the opinion that the kids eat better when I'm eating with them and eating the same thing as them... it's a bit of a tricky situation.

Anyway, here's the plan for this week:

Monday (just me) - I had muesli and a banana, followed by a noodle cup-a-soup

Tuesday (just me) - I'm having a few of my mum friends round this evening for a 'bring a plate' night so we will be having a wee buffet dinner!

Wednesday - baked beans and cheese on toast 

Thursday - chilli con carne with rice (leftovers from last week)

Friday - macaroni cheese

Saturday - eating out

Sunday (just me) - salad!!

Do pop over to Mrs M's blog to see the other entries.


  1. Don't go eating the Good Food mac and cheese from their latest issue - 1100 cals per portion!!!! I'm sure Slimming World/Weight Watchers will have recipes that are family friendly - perhaps have a look online for ones that you can make for you and the kids without worrying about your diet? Good luck with it all anyway - you can do it! x

    1. Thank you! Yes, must look for a healthier lower fat version! That's mental calories for one portion!!

  2. Come running with me and ros to up yours exercise, may actually make us run as well we cop out too much!

    1. Text me & let me know when/where etc & I'll see if I can make it. Childcare makes it v difficult :-(


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