Monday, 7 January 2013

{Meal Planning Monday}

Last week's meal plan was a a bit of a flop, but I'm persevering!

On Wednesday we were supposed to have meatballs and rice, but the kids ended up having dinner with their dad and he brought me leftovers for my dinner. As a result, the mince I had bought ended up in the bin as it had gone brown by the time I looked at it again (despite it still being in date! Perhaps it was ok still, but I wasn't convinced).

The rest of the week was going to plan and I am really enjoying cooking from scratch again. The chicken, leek and basil pesto pasta was a hit and my littlest loved the parmesan chicken (eldest refused to even try it though!!!). On Saturday we had pasta with Bolognese sauce from the freezer (homemade I'm pleased to say!). 

However on Sunday I awoke to find that my fridge had been left open all night and the contents were now at room temperature!! So the pork mince that I had planned to have for my dinner ended up in the bin, along with a whole host of other items :-/

Here's hoping this week goes better...

Monday (just me) - Parmesan chicken (leftover from last week) with salad

Tuesday (just me) - Salmon fillet (pre-cooked one as I'm lazy!) with salad

Wednesday - scrambled egg, baked beans and toast (the kids will have eaten loads at nursery today, so we tend to have a quick and light dinner on Wednesday evenings)

Thursday - creamy sausage and lemon pasta

Friday - roast chicken in the slow cooker (first time - tips anyone?) with vegetables and mashed potato

Saturday - pizza with salad and garlic bread

Sunday (just me) - it's my birthday tomorrow and tonight I'm eating out :-)

Pop on over to Mrs M's blog to see what is cooking in everyone else's kitchens this week.


  1. Oooo I'd love to know how your slow cooked roast chicken comes out as I plan on doing that next week

  2. Hey happy happy birthday lovely girl! Wishing you all the best for this year and the following years ;>

  3. Oh no - sorry to hear about your fridge. Nightmare when this happens! Hope you have a lovely birthday xxxx

  4. Thankfully the fridge wasn't that full, so not too much needed thrown out!

  5. Sounds fab, thanks for joining in.


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