Thursday, 31 January 2013

{January Joy - 31st Jan}

So I've made it to the end of Florence Finds #JanuaryJoy and I did a blog post for each and every prompt that was set. I'm very pleased with myself! Today's prompt is to 'reflect'...

I set resolutions for the year in the first post, and I'm delighted to be able to say that thus far I've stuck with them. I'm more organised, I'm crafting & baking regularly with the kids (we made shortbread for the first time for the 25th Jan prompt, we plan to bake some bread today as per the prompt for the 28th Jan and I'm all set for making Valentine's favours) and this week I met with a financial advisor to start getting my money in check

As part of my resolution to get organised I started meal planning. The downside to this is that because I've been eating the exact same as the kids (lots of white pasta, potatoes, bread) I've managed to put on a stone. This is not good. Although I do realise that the ice cream and cakes I have indulged in, on a number of occasions, will not have helped!

I thought it was never going to be possible, but I did manage to fit in a hair cut & colour even if I did have to take a day off work and I also had a luxury back massage and facial too on my birthday! Becky, Claire & I hit the cinema to celebrate my birthday and we went to see 'The Impossible' - gripping film but way more graphic than I had anticipated. There were lots of tears.

My birthday cake!

I'm also pleased to say that my skin is finally beginning to clear up. Phew! Let's hope it stays that way!!

I even managed to finish my new book, 'the five people you meet in Heaven', and I can highly recommend it. My friend Kath also sent me a book in the post which is next on my list, 'Ursula, Under'.

The house is really starting to come together and I'm starting to have a clearer picture in my head of where I'm going. I reckon I will be selling up and moving on this summer, which also ties in with one of my 35 at 35 list items.

I think my favourite post was the 18th January which gave me the opportunity to share my story of becoming a mum, which in itself was a chance to reflect.

Ok, so that's the positives, how about the ones I didn't quite manage...

I'm yet to go on my getaway and I'm still waiting to confirm dates with the kids dad, but hopefully I'll be able to have a wee break soon.

I also didn't try a new exercise class as I had intended to in this post. Now that I'm being sensible about money, I've didn't renew my gym membership and instead I will start running more often - it's free after all!

Music has also been one of the prompts which I failed to follow through on... you'll still find me dancing about my kitchen to and Britney (I love it!) with the kids jumping about beside me! I will download some new tracks soon - promise!

Worst of all I failed to have a week without cakes and chocolate. I barely managed a day. This is not good and definitely something I need to work on. 

I've thoroughly enjoyed taking part in #JanuaryJoy and Rebecca's prompts have been superb - a really good mix! What was your favourite post of the series?

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