Wednesday, 30 January 2013

{January Joy - 30th Jan}

I've been looking forward to today's prompt, 'make something naughty to eat' , since the start of #JanuaryJoy.

I love ice cream, and as a child I used to love knickerbocker glories or banana splits. Yum!!

I try to steer clear of ice cream in the supermarkets as I'd end up buying a big tub, and demolishing it in minutes (yes, you read correctly!).

Today I've been really good at work, which makes a change! I'm normally wolfing cakes like there is no tomorrow. Yesterday I started off the day with a Twix bar and a cup of tea then throughout the day I ate 5 or 6 mini yum yums (with more tea!) and a bar of tablet. Then once home I had a massive bowl of ice cream with chocolate drops, butterscotch sprinkles and marshmallows which I ate whilst in the bath as per yesterday's prompt to have a home spa! (Our guests at the weekend left ice cream in the freezer and it would be rude not to eat it, right?!)

I'm going to have a very small bowl of ice cream once the kids are asleep and that will be my treat. 

It's pancake day soon (12th February) and I've ordered chocolate sauce and maple syrup in my supermarket order this week so that I'm sorted for making pancakes with the kids. I will try and save myself until then and limit the cake intake...

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  1. Mmm I've not done any if the other January joys but think I might do this one!


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