Thursday, 24 January 2013

{January Joy - 24th Jan}

Prompt for today's #JanuaryJoy is to 'have a clear out (cupboard or whole room)'.

For me this is a work in progress. I am reckoning that I will be selling up and moving house this summer and with this in mind I'm in the process of tidying, organising and decluttering everywhere.

I tackled the dining room, back porch and bathroom a while ago, and have since organised and updated the kitchen, my bedroom, son's bedroommy daughter's bedroom and I've even improved the garden. I've also now changed the dining room into a playroom which has been fantastic. I now have a grown up living space which is toy-free and the kids are free to make a mess in their own lounge.

One other area that needed some attention was the utility space. Here are the before shots:

Note the mouldy blue carpet :-/

So first up was the carpet had to go. I decided to replace it with some linoleum.

Kids running around in the aisles!

Carpet up!

Without the carpet.

I also removed the white metal shelving that you can see in the above photo. I wanted to make better use of the space and decided to build some Ikea shelves instead.

The new lino

The shelving, that I built by myself!

It's still a work in progress, but I'm getting there.

I desperately need to clear out the attic which is next on my list. I have so many old children's clothing that needs to go to a new home. I currently have piles for charity shop, eBay and for passing onto family. If I keep plugging away at it, hopefully I can have everything sorted and looking nice for the house going on the market.

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