Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Last week I joined Instagram. I'm a bit wary because of the things a few people have mentioned with regard them being able to sell images without permission, but I believe there are new terms going into effect tomorrow??

Anyway, here are some of the photos from my first week on Instagram... (you can find me as glasgow_mummy).

Two silver wooden owls that I bought from Daisy Cheynes in Edinburgh as a birthday treat

The cream that I collected today from my local pharmacy that will hopefully sort out my skin!

Birthday flowers from my colleagues at work


My birthday cake.

Cup of tea in bed... can't beat it!

And if possible I'm looking for some help Instagrammers (is that a word?)... how do I get my photos onto my computer? Do I need to download a viewing app? I got these thumbnails above by emailing the photo to myself and then saving it... but I couldn't get them any bigger than this. What am I doing wrong? Feel I'm being a tad blonde and missing something really straightforward!

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