Saturday, 15 December 2012

{Fallen Angel}

On Tuesday this week I was working the late shift at work, and so when the doorbell went in the morning I knew it would be the postman with another delivery for me and I was pleased that I wouldn't need to make yet another trip to the depot for a missed package! (I'm supposedly their best customer and the guy knew my house number last time I was there without me even needing to hand over my ticket! Spot the online shopper!!). 

Anyway, I was rushing a bit, but was intrigued to see what was inside the large white box that had arrived. I grabbed the kitchen scissors and cut open the package. As I peeled back the layers, I was found this staring back at me:

I freaked out slightly. My initial thoughts were that I have a crazy stalker... who would send someone an armless angel??

However, when I removed the angel from the box, I did discover her arms at the bottom of the box, so I guessed she must have been damaged in transit.

For the life of me I could not figure out who it was from. The invoice that came with the angel had my own address as the invoice address and the shipping address. There was also no gift note or message. I called the company and they agreed to send me another one that day, and all they could tell me was the last three digits of the mobile phone number associated with the order. This didn't help me either!!

The person had to know me, because I didn't have an angel on my Christmas tree and my tree decorations were all gold and so the angel was a perfect gift.

I texted and tweeted a few people, but they confirmed that it wasn't them... so I was getting in more and more of a muddle.

That evening I was meeting some of my mummy friends for a Christmas dinner in town, and I had started to think that it was maybe my good friend Kath (who is always doing lovely things for me... like when she bought me a beautiful scented candle after reading that the light was not there at the end of my tunnel) and it turns out, yes, the angel was a gift from her.

She had tried to write a lovely message to accompany the angel... acknowledging the rubbish Christmas I had last year, but here was an angel to watch over me this year... but when she got to the payment page it popped up saying gift messages weren't accepted for this item and she had planned to text me the message but forgot. Hence the confusion on my part!

The story ends well however, and I now have a lovely angel in my living room to watch over me and the kids. Thank you Kath for being so thoughtful and kind.

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  1. Love reading your blogs. :-) It is kind of therapeutic too!


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