Saturday, 8 September 2012

{35 at 35: Wine Tasting, Check!}

The other night I went along to Wholefoods Market in Giffnock for a Cheese & Wine Tasting session as part of FeastRen Food & Drink Festival. Wine tasting is on my 35 at 35 list, and so that's me able to check another item off the list! Whoop!

I had a great night! Both my friends who were supposed to go with me pulled out at the last minute, and I was a bit reluctant to go on my own but I'm really glad I did.

I wore another outfit that the personal shopper chose for me: orange sleeveless top from Oasis, grey jacket from Oasis and black jeans by The Kooples (excuse the mess in the living room - I was in a rush and left tidying up for another day!!)

My tasting station....!!

The evening was themed 'A Taste of Spain' and so the cheese and wine selected for us were all from different regions in Spain. I don't really know much about wine, other than it gets me drunk, so I was looking forward to picking up some tips from the Wholefoods staff who are so knowledgable. I'm also a novice with cheese so it was great to be talked through everything and try new things. 

First up was a Mahon cheese which was served with Amontillado sherry and we also had some fresh figs which are in season right now. I have to say I wasn't a fan of the sherry. It was really strong, and I didn't finish my glass (probably just as well with everything that was to follow!).

Murcia Alcino goats cheese was up next served with a dry rose wine (Senorio de Sarria No.5). The cheese is washed in red wine and it was quite a mild cheese, and a little nutty in taste. The wine had lemon and strawberry tones apparently (I obviously need some more lessons in wine tasting!).

This was followed by a Manchego cheese made from ewe's milk which was served with quince jelly and fresh pear. To drink we had a rioja (Ijalba 2007) which was slightly oaked. I wasn't a fan of this wine (but I drank it anyway!!).

Next on the agenda was Garrotxa which is a semi-soft goat's cheese and we had this with Godello (a white wine) and some almonds. I think this was my favourite of all the rounds!

We then had another goat's cheese, this time it was Valdeon which is a blue cheese. I'm not a fan of blue cheeses, but I did try it and found it ok. We had this with another white wine, Albarino and we also had a taste of a Wyld Wood pear cider.

Last up was Monte Enebro, another goat's cheese, which was served with a French red dessert wine, Maury (which we were told was like Ribena for grown-ups and it was lovely!). 

We also had an extra glass of wine, Mr Smith, which is an Australian Shiraz. Cat, one of the wholefoods buyers, had said that this wine was like a 'hug in a wine glass' and that we had to try it. I'm not normally a red wine drinker, but I did really like this and the bottle is very stylish looking. 

Right, what to attempt next on the list.....??

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