Wednesday, 8 August 2012

{The Circus Is In Town!}

As you know, last weekend was my sister's (@the_grey_house) hen party. I didn't want to share up front what we had planned as I didn't want to ruin the surprise (but I had already stupidly let slip to my sister what the activity was weeks before the event anyway... oops!).

So the bridesmaids & I had planned a weekend of antics, starting with pizza & wine on the Friday night, which was a huge success. I had pre-ordered a selection of pizza and nibbles with Domino's for the 16 girls that were partaking in the weekend's activities.

£100 of Domino's

The main event was a trapeze workshop that I had booked with Glasgow's Aerial Edge. With this in mind, we themed the weekend around the circus. 

I made a few posters and circus themed bunting to decorate my living room...

...and I had ordered some balloons from a local party shop.

On the Friday night we had pizza, lots of wine and we played a few games. The first to break the ice was a drinking game called 'G'Day Bruce'. It was hilarious. With my baby brain, I really thought I would struggle, but I wasn't as bad as some of the other girls and managed to hold my own. 

If you haven't heard of it, then here are the rules:

1) Sit in a circle. The first person says 'G'day Bruce' to the player on their left, who replies 'G'day Bruce'. The first player then gestures to the third person along, saying 'Say g'day to Bruce, Bruce'.
2) The second player then turns to the third and says 'G'day Bruce'. The third player replies 'G'day Bruce', and then, as before, the second player points to the fourth saying 'Say g'day to Bruce, Bruce'.
3) This continues around the circle until someone makes a mistake, at which point they must drink and their name will change (e.g. Sheila, Kylie, Jason, Lou, Harold, Madge etc.)
4) The game gets pretty complicated as everyone's name changes and you have to remember who you're introducing!  And it pretty much goes without saying that Australian accents must be used at all times.
We then had organised a Mr & Mrs style quiz for Ali, who had to guess what her fiance had replied to each question. When she got the answer wrong, she had to down a shot of margarita (her cocktail of choice).

On the Friday night we also viewed a presentation that I had put together with photographs of Ali as she was growing up... lots of embarrassing pics! We also gave Ali a couple of gifts - her outfit for the following morning and a necklace that I had chosen from a local jewellery shop.

Silver Love Letter Necklace (my local jeweller personalised the letter with their names and wedding date)

Saturday morning we were up bright and early (although I think there were a few fuzzy heads - mainly Ali!) as the trapeze workshop started at 10am.

Ali in her ringmaster outfit

We then headed back to my house for afternoon tea and cocktails in teapots. We had another game... this time we split into teams of 3 and dressed up a member of the team as a bride using toilet roll. Here are the results:

Toilet Paper Brides!

We also presented Ali with her final gift - a photo book that her bridesmaid Linsey had designed with a load of photographs of Ali, her fiance and all their friends. We also had some tat for her to wear - the obligatory veil, sash and willy whistle!

That evening we went to eat cafe in Shawlands for dinner, more wine and then hit the local pubs and clubs for more cocktails and some dancing.

We didn't do any silly dares for the bride-to-be, but we did play one game. In keeping with the wedding poem, something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue, Ali had to kiss (peck on the cheeks!) someone old, someone new, someone borrowed & someone in blue! All very tame, especially compared to Becky's hen party! (Sorry Becky!!).

All in all the weekend was a great success and from the emails we've had from everyone that was there would suggest that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 


  1. The circus training looks awesome. I'd love to have a go. Glad you had a brilliant

  2. Sorry pressed the button too soon. Glad you had a brilliant weekend.

  3. This looks like so much fun. x


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