Friday, 15 June 2012


Last week I went on a wee 'holiday' with my two little kiddies to my aunt & uncle's holiday home in Aberdeenshire. It was a holiday for my son & daughter, but by no means was it a holiday for me! I had however pre-arranged for my sister & her fiance to join us for a couple of days at the start of the week and my friend, her husband plus their 2 children had kindly agreed to come along for the last couple of days. This meant that I had some company, as it would have been rather lonely on my own.

I returned to Glasgow on Sunday, and I have to admit I'm shattered! Amongst the tears (from me & the kids!) and tantrums there has been laughter, excitement and much hilarity. We had a jam-packed week of Jubilee celebrations, bike riding in the countryside, jumping in muddy puddles, numerous trips to the toy shop, chocolate muffins in the local cafe as well as some chill-out time playing in the garden and watching Disney DVDs.

Unfortunately, there wasn't one night where the kids slept right through! Hence why I'm so knackered. I did anticipate this and I just had to go to bed early myself to compensate. But this meant that I didn't get much of a holiday and had very little me-time, compared to last year when I had a toddler who slept during the day and a baby who slept most of the day! That said it was nice to have a change of scenery, and there was the odd occasion where my daughter had an afternoon nap and my son played happily allowing me to put my feet up with a cuppa! Here are some of the pics:

Playing the drums at the Jubilee street party!

First bike ride!

Toddler in the trailer!

Relaxing in the sunshine!

Cheeky monkey that she is!

Splashing in puddles!

Chilling out on the fatboy!

Visiting the animals at the park!

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